Technical Analysis of Stock Charts




If you are planning to invest in stocks, then it is essential to learn fundamentals and understand stock charts. Of course, understanding stock charts is quite difficult for new investors because it is very technical and critical. We help our investors to understand the basics along with stock charts. In simple terms, a stock chart is a price chart of a specific stock of a company. It has two axis – X and Y axis.

One can see daily, weekly, monthly or yearly time frame on the X-axis and price of the stock on the Y-axis. Our stock and research analysts know how to read and interpret stock charts and recommend the best stock accordingly.

They can understand, analyze and evaluate different types of technical analysis stock charts, including –

  • Line Charts
  • Bar Charts
  • Candlestick Charts
  • Point and Figure Charts
  • Kagi Charts
  • Renko Charts
  • Time Frames

We analyze and evaluate such charts and create a research report that includes the best time to buy or sell a stock. We understand and evaluate the patterns of the stock and its overall journey along with price movements.

By reading the charts, our analysts can understand –

  • Support and resistance for stock prices
  • Buying and selling patterns
  • Various technical indicators
  • Stock trends, net change and trading volume
  • Demand for the stock
  • Market sentiment

We use a wide range of applications and software platforms that can develop different types of charts to deeply analyze a stock. Needlessly to say, stock charts are a great visual tool that helps in making informed decisions. Contact us for more details…